Graduation from this program serves several purposes but only one is paramount: that this information may someday save a life. The graduation ceremony acknowledges the importance of these lessons and recognizes the students’ new role as fire safety advocates.


Each student’s entire family (as well as any special guests he or she might bring) are welcome. Prior to the actual ceremony, there is a “Safety Fair.” It usually begins about 6 p.m. There are displays about smoke detectors, carbon monoxide, fire extinguishers, calling 911 for help, street address numbering, tobacco education, fire department history and refreshments. It’s worth coming to enjoy!

Graduation 2006

Following the fair, students will join their classmates in an auditorium. There are usually several short speeches and a presentation summarizing the program. Each student is called up with classmates to receive a token of their success: a T-shirt acknowledging him or her as a graduate of the program and a certificate.

There will likely be awards to several students who have demonstrated an exceptional understanding of the purposes or lessons of the program. It moves quickly; the entire ceremony will last about 1 hour.