LESSON 4 – SAFE Trailer and Calling 911

The most effective way for any student to retain new information is by actually “doing.” The purpose of the SAFE trailer is to reinforce the previous lessons and to provide a practical component to previous information. We also find that this is an opportunity to teach the students about how the 911 system works and how to properly make an emergency call by phone.

The Lesson

For this lesson, the class is divided in half: one half the students go out to the SAFE trailer (which is brought to each school) and the other half of the students remain in the classroom to learn about 911. After about ½ hour, the students are switched.

Students are brought into the trailer and asked to identify the hazards presented in several carefully designed displays emphasizing the information in Lesson 2.

The students are also brought into the bedroom and practice a simulated “escape” from a house fire. A white, non-toxic theatrical “smoke” is introduced and the students practice “escaping” the smoke, following the steps outlined in their very first class. In this way, we en

Instructor demonstrates an emergency call to 911

sure that even if the students have not yet practiced a home escape plan for that first lesson, they are able to practice it during this lesson.

In the classroom, students learn how the Amherst Communications Center works. Using a functioning mock up, the students are given emergency scenarios and practice making an emergency phone call to 911.

Objective 1 – Rules of the SAFE Trailer

Discuss need for care in use of SAFE trailer. Discuss keeping students together in small groups of 3-5.

Objective 2 – Tour SAFE Trailer

Walk students in small groups through each room of the trailer. Ask students to identify fire/safety problems. Discuss how to correct the problems. Review smoking-related dangers.

Objective 3 – Procedures in Case of Fire

Review previous survival strategies for escaping a home fire. Describe application of an escape plan for the trailer. Stress safety.

Objective 4 – Simulate Behavior in an Emergency

Utilize one or more students to simulate waking up to a fire in the middle of the night and then escaping successfully.

Objective 5 – Making an Emergency 9-1-1 Call

Describe the information needed for a proper 911 emergency call. Describe how a 911 call comes into the dispatch center. Students will simulate emergency call to 911 using phone simulator and slideshow scenarios.

Objective 6 – Describe SAFE Graduation

Describe the SAFE graduation activities.